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I fucking hate spam:

(and yes - there are probably 1000 ways to do this that is better but this works for me so there.)

We are now running our own self-hosted authoritative DNS servers which we have spread around the world for redundancy, trust and performance.

We invite you to read the final report, our responses and more details of our first security audit on Mullvad’s authoritative DNS servers, completed by Assured AB.

Because of some trouble with this account (for the second time)
I have moved on to
I hope you will follow me there.

I will save this one just in case... but will be active on the new one.

@selea I've always loved how companies block smaller email domains like Tutanota and others for "spam", yet Gmail has more spam than all of them combined, and rarely puts any actual effort other than automation to solving it.

Röstat i Vallentuna. Noll köer och fick hälsa på personal från ena sonens skola samtidigt.

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