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I'm sorry but this is pretty fucking awesome. Nitzer Ebb is one band I would love to see live.

"if Adam was created by dust and Eve from Adams rib,then why in every depiction do they have belly buttons?"

Min äldste son sitter och sjunger på Kate Bush "Running up that hill", sannolikt utan att veta vad han sjunger på, hur gammal låten är eller vilken tv-serie den precis var med i.

Yet another decision on how US Cloud Services aren’t GDPR compliant (at least not until the US has changed their mass-surveillance laws and started respecting EU citizens privacy).

#gdpr #privacy #cloud

And yes, I will switch to #Nextcloud if the end-to-end encryption integration’s development is restarted. It was left in an unfinished state back in 2020. :-(

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@mc jag har för mig att du letade efter såsen till Mikrokom? Jag har hittat den.

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